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Victim speaks out after friend killed in triple shooting

Gianni Corsentino had just graduated from Liberty
Posted at 7:03 PM, Sep 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-08 23:09:37-04

One teenager, Gianni Corsentino, was killed and another two injured after a shooting at a Maverik gas station near Bermuda Road and Cactus Avenue in June. One of the victims, and his mom, are speaking out for the first time with an important message.

"Moms embrace your kids," said Andrea Duncan. "Just love your kids, let's teach them the right thing."

Duncan's son was shot four times. 

"My son is not perfect, but I've brought him up well," she said. "When they walk out the door, they have a lot of influences, but just make sure your influence is more powerful."

13 Action News is not revealing the teenager's identity as a safety precaution.

"After I seen the gun, everything just went black," he said. "It's going to be in my head for ... for life."

Police have arrested two suspects in the case. They are identified as 18-year-old Gerald Fuller and 29-year-old Adrian Johnson. 

Duncan said one of the suspects, Fuller, had been with the victims right before the deadly attack.

"Gerald thought he was going to be robbed," said Duncan.

That's when Fuller allegedly called his uncle.

"They came to kill these boys," said Duncan. "He takes off running while his uncle goes to the car and starts firing."

Corsentino was fatally shot in the face.  Another teenager was shot seven times.

Police have never stated the victims had any criminal motives. 

"I guess I can be grateful now because he's still here," said Duncan.

Another family is not so lucky.  

Corsentino's grandparents struggle every day since his tragic murder.

"My heart just goes out to them," said Duncan, "I just pray for them."

Corsentino had just turned 18 and graduated from Liberty High School. He was shot as he sat in the brand new car he received as a graduation present.