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Shooting academy gives realistic home invasion simulation

Posted at 6:39 PM, Jun 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-27 21:40:20-04

A shooting academy using lasers and blanks is giving students a realistic lesson on fighting off home invaders.

The simulators at Ultimate Shooting Academy are also becoming popular with people who've never fired a gun.
"We get a lot of first-timers, a lot of people that have never fired before, never shot a gun before," Scott said.
The handguns and assault rifles are real; it's the bullets that aren't.
"The ammo is non-lethal," said Anthony Scott, the academy's general manager. "It's non-threatening."
Full-screen simulators offer traditional shooting games and galleries, or customers can choose to fire at zombies, something employees say is a fan favorite.
The academy is like a video game fantasy with safety included.
After tragic mass shootings like Orlando, the focus is on proper training and preparation.
For the most realistic simulation at the academy, they have their "shoot house," which is like a maze where trainees can come around corners and fire at targets.
There's an option to go in the shoot house and have a fire fight with a friend.
Scott says the simulations create muscle memory you can use if you ever needed to.
"Muscle memory is what is going to take over when you get that adrenaline dump that somebody has just busted through your front door," he said.
With self-defense a real concern in Las Vegas, the gun store next door has seen increased sales recently.
The academy hopes with the right training all those customers will know how to use the weapons.