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Shed fire latest problem at east Las Vegas squatter house

Posted at 6:23 PM, Aug 02, 2017

A shed behind an abandoned east side home caught fire early Wednesday morning, and people in the community say squatters are to blame.

Neighbors say their issues with the homeless intruders go back months.

13 Action News first covered the problems at the home near Nellis Boulevard and Twain Avenue in February.

Since then, Clark County officials have boarded up the doors and windows.

"[The squatters] came back, ripped the plywood off the door," said Terrance Cogdill, a neighbor across the street. "They don't even care. They'll sleep in behind it and start a little fire."

Sherrie Williams watched the shed burn Wednesday and says she wishes the home had burned down as well.

"If I were younger, I might've been the one that got rid of that house, the whole house," Williams said. "Because we're sick of it! And the other neighbors would be patting me on the back."

Cogdill and Williams both have dogs to help in their protection from the squatters.

A Clark County spokesman told 13 Action News the house has been secured at least twice this year, and a lien has been placed on the property.

It remains an open case.