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Sex ed discussion draws large crowd

Posted at 4:14 PM, Sep 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-30 19:14:24-04
After several hours of discussion, the Clark County School Board voted to halt discussions on asking state legislators to change a law impacting the district’s sexual education programs.
The request centered on a proposal to pursue legislation that would allow for an opt-out policy when it comes to sex ed.
Current state law calls for an opt-in model where parents have to give permission before students are allowed to take part in sexual education.
The proposal has drawn harsh criticism from parents, while gaining support from groups like the ACLU.
The debate was renewed an hour before the school board took their seats Tuesday night.
Dozens of members of a local group calling for an updated curriculum held a small demonstration outside the meeting room.
"We are lacking pretty much everything from how do use protection, gender identity what it is. Sexual orientation," former CCSD student Cassie Charles said.
Once inside the auditorium, the gathered crowd was largely against changes.
Many who took the podium said the proposed changes should be left to the parents to teach their children.
"It is very important for parents to come and make sure their values don't line up with what they are saying," Erin Phillips with Power 2 Parent said.
The topic that drew the most interest was discussion over whether parents opt-in or opt-out of sex education.
The board voting unanimously to keep the status quo for now and halt efforts to ask legislators to changed the state law.
"When you keep opt-in it allows parents to supplement what is taught in the classroom," Phillips said.
The district policy currently requires parents to give permission for their children to participate in sex Ed, and the only way that could change is through legislative action.
While the board voted to halt a request for changes at this point, it left the door open to revive the discussion in the future.
Some board members asked for a task force to look into ways to improve the sex ed programs, but the board did not take action on that request Tuesday night.
Several parents took to social media afterwards to complain that other issues were not addressed. 
The school board did say on Wednesday morning that they will hold a second meeting to continue the discussion. However, a date has not been selected at this time.