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Sewage water, roaches turn family's apartment into a nightmare

Posted at 11:53 PM, Mar 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-19 02:53:26-04

A Las Vegas family claims unresolved plumbing issues in their apartment complex are making them sick. 

Paradize and Jose Sanchez moved into the Courtyards at Harmon apartments with their four kids in January. Shortly after, plumbing issues from the apartment above them flooded their home with sewage water.

"It's horrible," Paradize Sanchez said. "It was pouring through the smoke detector."

Sanchez said management of the complex never took the proper steps to clean up the mess. As a result, holes where roaches can crawl through have formed in her ceiling.

She also believes mold and mildew in the walls are to blame for her children's frequent doctor visits

"This cough that sounds like they're going to cough their lungs out. Everybody has it," she said.

13 Action News asked an owner of the Courtyard at Harmon Apartments to explain why the Sanchez family's problems haven't been resolved. 

The owner, who would not identify himself, said the previous owner is responsible for the aftermath of the plumbing issues. 

The previous owner could not be reached for comment Saturday. 

Sanchez is hoping she will be moved from the apartment so the proper clean-up can take place.