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UPDATE: Sheriff's office investigating Pahrump animal poisonings

Posted at 11:23 PM, Apr 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-03 11:12:11-04

UPDATE ON MAY 2: More pets have died after somebody in Pahrump apparently poisoned them.

Homestead Animal Hospital told 13 Action News three dogs and two cats have now passed away.

Two of the dogs, Princess and Tink, belonged to Sabrina Buckley.

"I'm just numb," she said. "It's like the devastation hasn't even really hit me yet and I'm just sad."

Buckley and other pet owners say they've found strange meat in their fenced-in yards inside Comstock Park, a small HOA community.

The Nye County Sheriff's Department is working to identify the suspect. Meanwhile, the community is upset.

"It's terrible that a low-minded person would do something like that," said Dave Stevens, who lives nearby. "It's just terrible and I hope they catch them and I hope they rot in jail."

One dog, Clyde, was poisoned and the hospital representative says he's improving but is not out of the woods yet.

In November 2015, at least four dogs were poisoned and killed in Comstock. No arrests were made in those cases.

UPDATE ON APRIL 30: Owners of another dog poisoned in Pahrump say that their dog passed away around 1 a.m. This brings the total number of dogs killed up to three.

UPDATE ON APRIL 29: Another dog has died from the poison, according to the Associated Press. 

Authorities are still working on finding a suspect, and determining what poison was used.


PAHRUMP (KTNV) -- Several dogs living in the same Pahrump community have been poisoned this week.

Of the seven animals reported sick, Princess, who belongs to Sabrina and Jason Buckley, has died.

Sabrina says Princess was your typical, happy-go-lucky dog, but Tuesday it all changed.

"Her mind was still there but every time she got up she would stumble," Buckley said.

Doctors at Homestead Animal Hospital in Pahrump say it was poison.

The Buckleys weren't the only ones going through this in their homeowners association, Comstock Park in Pahrump.

Lucy Karp, the Comstock Park president, says seven people called the office this week saying their dogs were sick.

Homestead took three of them in.

"The same dog food was all over the place," said Dr. Maninder Herr of Homestead. "I think this is deliberately somebody doing it. Poisoning."

Sabrina Buckley found strange meat in her yard.

Her other dog, Tink, fell ill as well and is currently in a battle for her life.

Tink is Sabrina's service dog.

"I'm numb because we've been without sleep for like three days," Buckley said. "We completely broke down when we found out we lost the first one and we still have one fighting so I'm trying to hold it together."

In November 2015, we covered a story in Comstock Park about at least four dogs dying of poisoning.

Toxicology reports have been sent out to a lab. The results are expected back in about a week.

Homestead Animal Hospital is welcoming donations to help pay for Princess' cremation and urn. They can be reached at (775) 727-0700.