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Serial 'eggers' caught on camera

Posted at 11:28 PM, Nov 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-20 09:50:41-05

A Las Vegas family says their property has been egged three times in the past few weeks near Hollywood and Bonanza.

The first time was on a Friday night. It was just a couple of eggs.

"I actually had thought somebody crashed into my garage door because it was so loud," said Alisa Atherton.

Two days later, the egg throwing bandits struck again.

"It was frightening," said Atherton. "It was just a big question. We don't know why they're doing this but we know that we are ready for it to stop. It's very invasive."

After being hit with eggs twice, the Atherton family set up cameras.

The surveillance video shows the alleged teens come back for a third time just the other night. The video picked up audio of one of them pointing out the fact they were on camera but didn't care.

"It's very targeted and very terroristic," said Atherton. "To be honest with you, I would like to have a chat with their parents."

The video also shows Mr. Atherton run after the bad guys and you can hear the car screech away.

The Athertons filed multiple police reports. Police believe the egg bandits are teenagers.