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YOU ASK WE INVESTIGATE: Seniors upset by overflowing sinks

Posted at 11:46 PM, Dec 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-10 03:11:16-05
Neighbors at a senior apartment complex are boiling mad after they say their sinks have been overflowing for two days.
Vikki Ficklin and Rozann Tate say they have been using buckets to clear the water from their sinks and dumping them in their toilets trying to keep the water from flooding their kitchens.
"Mine had actually filled up and started spilling over on Wednesday," Ficklin said.
The water had a foul stench that filled both apartments.
"It makes you feel like you want to throw up," Tate said.
Both women said they reached out to the managers at the apartments near Windmill and Las Vegas Boulevard, but had not seen results.
They acknowledged someone came to look at the problem on Thursday, but they said he did more harm than good.
Tate and Ficklin both said their sinks continued to overflow.
That’s when Tate reached out to Contact 13.
We went with her to the office.
The manager on duty told 13 Action News she could not speak with us, and we needed to contact the regional manager or supervisor.
The manager then told Tate someone was on the way to fix the problem.
15 minutes later a plumber pulled into the complex.
He then went to work in the apartment.
Tate said she was happy some progress was being made, but said she didn’t think it should take this many calls to get the problem fixed.
"I am so disgusted that it has taken this long to get a real plumber," Tate said.
Ficklin confirmed the plumber was able to get the problem fixed and said she had water back in her apartment and the sink was not backed up any longer.