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Selling buses could mean more money for CCSD

Posted at 7:26 PM, Jan 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-18 23:47:19-05

The Clark County school board could reconsider a longstanding tradition of donating decommissioned school buses to smaller districts.

School board trustee Kevin Child brought up concerns about the tradition during a board meeting on Jan. 12. The board ultimately voted to approve the donation of 69 school buses -- a total donation value of $263,900.

"I found this to be kind of peculiar and I'm looking at this asking these questions," Child said.

Clark County school board trustee Carolyn Edwards said the board typically donates buses when they no longer serve the district's needs.

"We retire buses at a certain amount of time and these other districts may be interested in having these buses," Edwards said.

However, Child would rather sell or auction the buses and put the money to good use.

"I don't think we should continue this process because it's the Clark County taxpayers' money and we need the money and we're hurting for money," Child said.

Edwards argued that donating the buses benefits taxpayers statewide.  

"If you look at the bigger picture, we're actually saving the state money because each of these districts isn't spending their school budget money on a bus purchase," Edwards said.

Board members discussed the possibility of revisiting the debate before they agree to donate the next batch of buses.

The issue has yet to be placed on an agenda.