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Self-defense tips for senior citizens

Posted at 1:21 PM, Dec 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-28 16:21:25-05

A self-defense instructor is warning people to learn how to fight back against potential attackers no matter your age. 

Wednesday, police said three men armed with knives broke into a home near Twain and Decatur and attacked two senior citizens before stealing their car. 

Self-defense instructor Roland Rogers said he created a program specifically for victims like this.

It's called Survival One and focuses on "soft targets", people like senior citizens, women, and children who are likely to be more vulnerable against an attacker. 

"The criminal is basically a coward and he will not enter into a confrontation if there's any chance he might lose," Rogers said. 

Rogers said the first step to protecting yourself is by being aware of your surroundings. 

If a confrontation is unavoidable, however, he said you should get close to the subject and put up a fight because the criminal likely will not see it coming. 

"With the element of surprise backing you up, you are going to nail this guy," Rogers said. 

Rogers said it's not about how strong you are, it's about where you strike. The nose, windpipe, groin, and knees are four places that are likely to cause the criminal to fall to the ground when hit. 

"You only need five pounds of pressure," he said. 

Rogers said if you do get the criminal on the ground, run as fast as you can, and avoid trying to protect or salvage your personal property.