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Another Las Vegas family has moving truck stolen

Posted at 6:40 PM, Jul 11, 2018

It feels like deja vu after another family moving to Las Vegas has their Penske moving truck stolen with everything inside.

"It's just us starting all over again because that was our whole life, our whole house,” says Lucia Rodarte.

Lucia Rodarte and her husband James Vigil had their moving truck stolen Tuesday night outside their rental apartment complex near the strip.

They just moved to Las Vegas from Arizona.

It's the second time this week 13 Action News has reported a moving truck theft this week. You may remember, The Swann family of 8 whose moving truck and car was stolen from the Rio hotel-casino parking lot.

It was later found abandoned in a neighborhood near Durango and U.S. 95.

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While the Swann family was picking up their stolen truck Wednesday, Lucia and James were reporting theirs stolen.

"It was our whole life, all her clothes, all her children's clothes it was a lot of personal things,” says James.

Lucia says it happened while she had taken James to the hospital for help with a medical emergency.

Even more heartbreaking, inside that truck were the only pictures of her 2-year-old son who died just a few years ago.

“That was part of the reason why we came out here was to start over,” says Lucia.

Lucia and James don't know where to turn next but say they've found some peace after meeting the Swann family, who just went through this same thing.

"Hearing their story kind of gives me a little bit more hope that if they can recover some things, I hope that we're able to do the same," says Lucia.

Las Vegas police tell 13 Action News that the two recent thefts are very similar, and that detectives are working to see if the two crimes are related.