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Las Vegas school's Instagram post implies students will be forced to wear orange jumpsuits

Posted at 5:36 PM, Aug 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-18 22:06:40-04

An Instagram post from a Las Vegas valley high school has parents worried their children will be forced to dress like prisoners.

The post on the official Shadow Ridge High School account pictured an orange jumpsuit with the words "SRHS Dress Code Violator" stenciled on the back.

The rules of the code were also in the image, and the caption read "Just a Friendly Reminder...Jumpsuits are ready #dresscodeenforcement."

Parents 13 Action News spoke to didn't think the post, or the implication that students would have to wear jumpsuits, was appropriate.

"Only people I know that have to wear jumpsuits in that sense for punishment are prisoners, and I don't want to equate those things," said Peggy Blake, whose granddaughter goes to Shadow Ridge.

We reached out to Clark County School District, and in a statement, "The posts were an attempt at humor to draw student's attention to dress code violations but have since been taken down, even though the school did not receive any calls from parents about them."

A spokesperson also said a school staff member made the post without administrative approval.

Students are not required to wear jumpsuits.

"I don't think it's very funny," Blake said. "You have to be mindful of what you're posting. You can't just put anything up there because not everybody feels like it's a joke."

CCSD said dress code violations are handled by bringing the student to the office and calling a family member to bring in an item of clothing to meet the code standards.