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Royal Crest Rancheros neighbors concerned after coyote sightings

Posted at 6:32 PM, Dec 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-29 16:39:27-05

Neighbors on the east side of the valley are concerned after spotting coyotes.

For the last two weeks, coyotes were spotted near Harmon Avenue and Spencer Street in the Royal Crest Rancheros neighborhood.

"The coyote was probably along that crack on that driveway."

Kendra Gatt has been seeing and hearing coyotes.

"All of a sudden there are just these howls and it wasn't a dog howl," says Gatt,

Concerned about the safety of smaller pets in the Royal Crest Rancheros area, she alerted her neighbors through 'Nextdoor' - a social media app where you can communicate with your neighbors.

Turns out, many others have also seen these coyotes strolling around.
"Two weeks ago there was one in my front yard. And you know, they look like dogs," says Marsha Tarte.

According to the state's department of wildlife, simply seeing a coyote is not cause for alarm.... Unless, it's showing signs of aggression.

Still, neighbors are taking extra steps to protect their pets.

"I've been told the coyotes can jump high fences so if the dog goes out at night I just turn on the lights," says Tarte.

Neighbors understand dealing with coyotes is part of living in the desert.

"That's kind of how nature is. We just have to work with it. I hope that my pet and everyone else's are okay," says Gatt.

For more information on living with coyotes and what to do when you see them, clickhere.