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Rocks thrown at cars in Summerlin

Posted at 11:35 PM, Apr 25, 2017

A man suffered a terrifying crime in Summerlin that he and other victims were powerless to stop.

Will Saring had a large rock thrown through his passenger window Sunday night as he drove down Pavilion Center Drive near Alta Drive. The rock shattered the glass, sending shards into his back and shoulder, and landed in the seat.

Saring says the culprits were a group of teenagers hiding in the bushes that line the sidewalk.

"I wouldn't expect them to be throwing rocks at cars and trying to cause this kind of damage," Saring said. "Especially when it could kill someone easily."

When he pulled over, another car was stopped in front of him. It was no coincidence.

Moments earlier, that driver was victimized by the rock throwers too. The rocks left several dents and scratches.

Saring says the suspects ran through an alleyway and disappeared into a neighborhood, making it very difficult for police who arrived to find them.

No one was seriously injured.

Saring says the repairs will cost him $200.

Last week, cars were damaged by rocks at Palo Verde High School, not far from the site of the most recent incidents.