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Roadside Valentine's Day stands may be illegal

Posted at 5:36 PM, Feb 14, 2017
As Valentine's Day flowers spring up in your home or office, roadside stands spring up around town. But these stands may be illegal.
Most of the pop-up stands sell stuffed animals, and some also sell flowers.
We talked to the man running one of the stands in a gas station parking lot. He said he was only there Tuesday and got permission from the business to be on their property. But he does not have a business license.
A woman running another stand says she's usually home taking care of her children but has been out here selling Valentine's Day packages for 24 hours straight.
Business is blooming for the holiday over at a more traditional store -- Miss Daisy flower shop.
"We're definitely seeing a lot of people are wanting to send flowers to their loved ones at their office and at their home," said owner Jessica Marshall.
Marshall does not think it's a competitive holiday and said there is enough Valentine's Day business to go around. As for the roadside stands?
"I don't feel that there's competition," said Marshall. "I think that we serve a different clientele base than they do. I think that there should be flowers and teddy bears for everyone and everyone should be able to have easy access to that to be able to buy what they want. I think it's nice."
Clark County ordinances have a less friendly take on the issue. If you're conducting business, you need a license. And you can't be selling on the sidewalk or in the right of way.
The county spokesperson says they have a division for business licenses, and if they have time Tuesday they'll send someone to check out the stands 13 Action News spotted operating without licenses.