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Nevada trooper describes agency's first use of Narcan

Posted at 6:30 PM, Sep 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-26 23:24:07-04

A Nevada Highway Patrol trooper's body camera was rolling as he used Narcan to save a man after being flagged down on the side of the highway.

The agency says it was the first time they've used the overdose drug recently supplied to troopers.

"He's got a pulse. He has a pulse," NHP Sgt. Wayne Dice is heard saying on his body camera recording as he approached an unconscious man in the aisle of a Greyhound bus.

Dice said he was flagged down by the driver along US-95 between Searchlight and Laughlin on Sept. 17 as dispatchers were relaying information about a medical emergency onboard.

"I immediately just ran up on the bus," Dice said.

The body camera recording shows Dice repeatedly checking the unconscious man's pulse and trying to revive him through CPR and other methods. 

The trooper said he quickly started noticing signs of an opioid overdose that he learned in a training on the use of Narcan that was recently provided to NHP troopers.

In the video, you can hear another person confirming the symptoms before the trooper headed to his car to get the overdose drug.

"I had just got done some training on the Narcan," Dice said. "I immediately went to my car and got the Narcan."

While the drug did its job, Dice said it did take a moment to see the impacts.

"After a minute or so he took a deep breath so I knew that I kind of got him on the right track," Dice said. "It took a little bit of time for him to come out of that overdose."

The trooper said after seeing it in use he is a full believer in Narcan and is thankful the state has invested the resources necessary to equip them with the drug that he believes saved the man's life.

"I believe it was the right place at the right time is what it came down to," Dice said. "I know he might have been going through a bad phase in his life. I am just glad I could be there."