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Ride-share drivers strike on holiday weekend

Posted at 6:42 PM, May 28, 2016

Uber drivers across the valley are turning off their apps Memorial Day weekend, and going on strike against the ride-sharing company.

Uber fought hard to muscle it's way into Nevada, hoping to attract new customers with low prices.  Now drivers say those low prices are driving them to the poor house.  

Since Uber started operating in Nevada, they have cut their prices twice.  The price cut was obviously a good thing for customers, but the drivers have to make up that difference.  

One driver says on average; an Uber driver makes about $10 an hour with the new prices, just barely above the state's minimum wage.  

Saturday, many drivers, went on strike, refusing to give rides on Memorial Day weekend, one of the busiest weekends on the Las Vegas strip.  

A flier was passed out to drivers, asking all Uber and Lyft drivers to turn off their apps Saturday, despite the surge pricing, to send a message to their corporate companies.  

"We feel it would hurt [Uber's] pocket if we're not driving," says Daren Flores, a driver with Uber.  

In an email, a representative from Uber said price changes increase the number of riders and requests in the city.  

Uber also offers some drivers a guaranteed gross fare, where they will pay the difference if drivers aren't making the minimum amount.