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Revision to Nevada law allows adults to carry guns in schools with permission

Without permission guns illegal in schools
Current Nevada law allows guns in schools
Posted at 7:53 AM, Mar 15, 2018

The conversation of arming teachers continues to be a heated debate nationwide, but a current revision to a Nevada law may already allow people to carry guns on school campuses.

Under current Nevada law, it is illegal to carry a dangerous weapon or firearm to a Nevada System of Higher Education, Public or Private school or child care center.

Yet, a revision to the state law says if a person is granted permission by an official with the Nevada System of Higher Education, principal or director of a child care, a person may be able to carry a firearm on campus.

"Rarely are people given permission," CCW instructor Michael Potter said.

Potter said schools would only grant permission if people were properly credentialed and trained.

He suggest to his students to never carry a gun on school campus, including in your vehicle. 

Potter did say he was granted permission by UNLV to carry his gun on campus while taking classes there.

“I showed them my credentials and CCW,” said Potter, who is also a Navy Captain.  

UNLV Police said while they do grant permission to conceal-carry, the school is considered a "gun-free zone." School police also said they only received two request to carry last year and none this year.

Right now Clark County School District Police said they don't believe any schools have granted permission for an adult to conceal-carry on campus. 

They did say if someone would want to legally bring a firearm to a school, they would have to get permission from a principal.

Private and charter school regulate themselves, but if presented with a request to carry a weapon they would have to follow the revised law to its discretion.