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Restaurants staffing up for big holiday, Super Bowl weekend

Posted at 4:23 PM, Feb 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-12 01:00:11-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — It’s love and football this weekend in Las Vegas.

Many lovebirds are celebrating Valentine’s Day early, and football fans are revving up for Super Bowl Sunday. Valley restaurants are expecting a big weekend — but the question is, will they be prepared to serve the huge crowds?

The tables were ready, the utensils set as The Grape Vine Café prepared for a busy Valentine’s Day weekend dinner rush on Friday.

“Valentine’s Day is always sold out. Always very busy and always a lot of two tops. Always two people. Always two people celebrating together.”

Owner Linda Kutcher says despite the actual holiday falling on a Monday, she’s blown away by the number of reservations.

“Lots and lots of reservations. I’d say perhaps more than we’ve ever had," she said.

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Kutcher does feel prepared, staff-wise, to meet the demand after recently hiring some new workers in the kitchen. She’s making adjustments, like streamlining the menu to make it easier for everyone.

“I am a firm believer in only taking what we can handle. So, I will block off the tables," she said. "I want to service the guests that are here. We won’t offer any to-go food on Valentine’s Day, because it’s too busy inside the restaurant."

At Johnny Macs Sports Bar and Grill in Henderson, general manager Trisha Ayers is taking on table-bussing duties.

“Unfortunately, I was hoping for one more employee that was getting trained — but again, I’m here and I’ll be filling in,” she said.

She says there’s always a need for more staffing, especially with Super Bowl weekend, one of the busiest times for the bar.

“I am hiring quite a bit, especially back-of-the-house for cooks. That’s hard,” she said.

Ayers is confident she’ll be able to keep customers happy for the big weekend and doesn’t mind putting in work herself to help out.

“I love customer service. It’s easier for me not to be in a position, that way I can help everybody on the floor when they need help,” she said.

Some very good advice for people looking to make reservations: just make one. Kutcher says couples have been making multiple reservations, which clogs up the system. If you can’t make it, call the restaurant as soon as possible so they can give that spot to another waiting party.