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Las Vegas restaurant offers special for Trump supporters

Another supports Clinton, has deal for all voters
Posted at 6:26 PM, Nov 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-08 00:03:15-05

Doing your civic duty could score you a nice Election Day lunch at a few local restaurants.

At Pho 87 near Jones Boulevard and Spring Mountain Road, owner Mia Ha is vocal about her support for Donald Trump.  Her Vietnamese pho restaurant is plastered with Trump signs, including one that says "we are not angry white men voting Trump 2016."

Ha says as a Vietnamese American who came to this country on a boat, she had to work for everything.  

"We came from a communist country -- we should not vote communist again. I don't want to take the boat back to Vietnam OK," she says.

While some have been turned off by her Trump signs, and one person even broke her window, she says her regulars, even those who disagree with her, enjoy her food.

"I have one customer who voted for Bernie, he says Mia! Even though you vote for Hitler, I still come because they come for food -- not for my philosophy."

She's so committed to electing Trump, she's offering a 19.87 percent discount on Election Day for anyone who votes for Trump. 

But if you didn't support Trump, Gritz Cafe's owners are Hillary Clinton supporters. Both President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have visited their restaurant near Martin Luther King and Lake Mead boulevards.

"We want somebody who has the knowledge and the experience to deal with the everyday problems we face," says owner's mother Willia Chaney.

Gritz Cafe is also offering a free bowl of grits. They say although they want voters to support Clinton, the deal applies to anyone who brings in an "I Voted" sticker.

The freebies and discounts have some wondering whether it's legal to offer deals for voting to customers. According to the Nevada Secretary of State's office, it is allowed, as long as it's done after the fact, and businesses aren't soliciting or bribing voters before they vote.