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Residents say water runoff from the mountains is flooding neighborhood streets

Posted at 11:49 PM, Jul 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-20 10:47:25-04

People in a northwest Las Vegas neighborhood near Durango and El Capitan say the streets outside their home look live a river and it happens every year during monsoon season. 

They say the water is coming from runoff in the nearby mountains. 

Daniel Rosenbaum lives on Shady Pines Drive, but said this time of the year he has taken to calling it Shady Pines Wash.

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"This is quite dangerous for the community" said Rosenbaum. 

The rushing water is coming up to the wheel wells of some vehicles forcing drivers to slow to a crawl at intersections or even turn around. 

Rosenbaum said it's so bad sometimes he can't leave for work.  

"If I have to leave in the morning I just wait until I can get out. My wife on the other hand she braves it."

And Rosenbaum said the problem doesn't end once the water subsides because of the thick mud that oozes along with the water. 

"For a couple of days afterward the street will be a complete disaster until they come and clean it."

Rosenbaum said he and some other neighbors in the area have purchased flood insurance even though they don't actually live in a flood zone.