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Residents say homeless camp is chaotic

Posted at 6:04 PM, Mar 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-09 22:02:38-05
Residents at a Clark County mobile home park say they are under siege. They say the people at the homeless encampment near them are ruining the area.
People living at La Villa Vegas say in the last two or three months, homeless people started posting up across from their mobile home park.
There is graffiti all over their camp, and some neighbors say the homeless come into the mobile home park and spray paint on their trailers. 
"It kept getting bigger and bigger, now it's out into the street," said Michelle, who has lived in the mobile home park for nearly a decade. "And they are so loud and so vulgar it's unbelievable."
Michelle said she recently had a security system installed because of the new neighbors.
"I don't keep nothing out that I can't afford to have stolen," she said. "They're terrible, they're just absolutely terrible."
Michelle said they steal from people's porches and even go to the bathroom in their yards. 
Police say they were called out to this location three weeks ago. Then on Wednesday, Clark County sent HELP of Southern Nevada out after 13 Action News let them know about the issue.
Police said these transients are on private property. So, police say county code enforcement is working on it.
Code Enforcement Officers need to get in touch with the property owner owner before they can make any kind of enforcement, but hope they can force these people out.
Our crew spoke off camera to one of the homeless people at the camp, but she would not say whether most of these folks live here, or come and go.