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Report, photos reveal unsanitary conditions where puppies were living

Posted at 4:17 PM, Jun 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-27 19:40:45-04

A report from Clark County Animal Control is revealing the conditions that dozens of puppies and 2 adult dogs were living in before being rescued.

Animal Control was called to the home on Colorado Avenue by Las Vegas police. The police had discovered the puppies while investigating a report of a missing juvenile.

Sandra Fuentes told Animal Control that all of the puppies and dogs belonged to her.

The Animal Control officer observed multiple pens, covered in feces, throughout the home.

PHOTOS: Dozens of puppies found in unsanitary conditions

The officer called for backup and after another animal control officer arrived on scene, they did a second walkthrough and found six puppies in need of medical attention.

They also checked on the dogs in the backyard. The dogs in the yard had access to a kiddie pool but the smaller dogs could not reach the water.

They also noticed that a female Labrador retriever had a large mass on her side and another dog appeared to be pregnant.

Fuentes told the animal control officers that people would give her puppies and she would turn around and sell them.

One of the officers asked her about the sick animals and Fuentes became emotional, admitting she knew there was a parvo outbreak. The officer asked what was done with the dogs that died and her boyfriend admitted that he took the bodies to a dump.

Fuentes was advised she would be receiving several citations and a fine of $2,200 since it is her first offense. Fuentes also agreed to surrender the puppies and dogs.

Child Protective Services was also called in because there was a toddler in the home. They decided to let the toddler stay with the parents but agreed it was best if the dogs were removed.

Fuentes revealed during the interview that she is currently pregnant and considered high risk.

During removal of the dogs, the animal control officer observed drugs and paraphernalia in the master bedroom and notified police.

The Lab with the abdominal mass was left at the home, along with 3 other dogs, and Fuentes was advised she had 24 hours to have the dog checked. She was also told she would need to get a fancier permit if she chose not have the 4 dogs spayed or neutered.

The puppies were initially transferred to the Animal Foundation. Since then, they have been given to several rescues to care for. Some of the puppies have died and some puppies are sick. The rescues are asking for donations to help them care for the puppies.

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