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Red Rock Search and Rescue motorhome destroyed

Posted at 10:28 PM, Apr 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-26 02:43:40-04
A charred motorhome is all that's left of a very important tool used by Red Rock Search and Rescue. The vehicle used to keep families comfortable while searching for missing hikers was burned in the massive storage facility fire two weeks ago. 
"You can definitely tell it was a hot fire because of all the metal," said Red Rock Search and Rescue's Bryan Zink. "The beams and the structure are completely melted. Warped."
Zink got his first look at the destroyed motorhome while 13 Action News was there.
"You can see the vehicles burnt right down to the ground," he said. "Tired gone. Everything inside is gone. Just completely destroyed. 100 percent loss."
It was one of the 37 vehicles demolished in the storage facility fire at the U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer near Lake Mead Boulevard and Tenaya Way back on April 9. The motorhome was once 30 feet long and used by Red Rock Search and Rescue's People Support Team. The motorhome's purpose was to keep families comfortable while search crews looked for missing hikers.
"No radios, no computers, just a couple of team members that tend to their needs," said Zink. "Make sure they're cared for while we're out looking for their loved ones."
Zink says this RV is crucial to the search and rescue process because people are under so much stress thinking about if they will ever see their family member again. It is a safe and secure place to be together, out of the scorching heat or the freezing cold.
"This is a very devastating loss to our team and everyone else who had vehicles parked here," said Zink.
Red Rock Search and Rescue is asking for your help now. The organization is looking for anyone in the valley with an older motorhome that isn't being used anymore. If you are willing to donate it to the agency, click here to send them a message.