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Records from animal hospital found on sidewalk

Posted at 5:27 AM, Mar 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-07 08:27:19-05

13 Action News is getting answers for former clients of a local animal hospital.

One of our crew found animal medical records in a trash bag on a sidewalk near Eastern Avenue and Charleston Boulevard.

The records contained personal information such as names, addresses, phone numbers and social security numers of the people who owned the animals.

We were able to get in touch with a Henderson couple after finding their information.

They say they were shocked to hear that their information was in a file on the street for anyone to take.

We also spoke to the animal hospital and they apologized.

They told us the bag was one of several they had left outside to be picked up and taken to a place to be shredded. Somehow, it was left behind.