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Are efforts to keep pedestrians safe working?

Posted at 7:20 PM, Dec 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-06 17:12:01-05

More deaths on the valley roads.

Tuesday morning another pedestrian was hit by a car on boulder highway. That person is recovering at the hospital.

This comes on the heels of another pedestrian killed Monday night.

This year has been one of the deadliest for pedestrians. Advocates are working to keep it from getting worse. But are their campaigns working? 

"Unfortunately I think more people are saying another day another pedestrian."

Erin Breen of the UNLV Traffic Safety Coalition says it's upsetting to see these numbers.

As of today, 69 pedestrians died in Clark County while crossing the street in 2017. That is 19 more than the pedestrians killed in 2016

"You have to have a bunch of different messages to make sure that you connect with each and every person out there," says Breen.

Erin has worked on numerous campaigns - from lowering speed limits, appealing to kids, teens, moms by educating them to helping make pedestrians visible when its dark using these reflective strips. 

People we spoke with say both pedestrians and drivers need to be more careful.  

Ryan Phabe was walking along Sahara Avenue and 6th Stree -- an intersection where another pedestrian was struck and killed by a vehicle. "These streets are very, they're not the safest streets to cross. They're very wide. They're like, you know, highways."

13 Action News went to the intersection of Boulder Highway and Nellis Avenue. More than 14 percent of pedestrian deaths in the state happened along Boulder Highway.

In 15 minutes, we saw 12 different pedestrians jaywalking.

Derrick Williams was caught on camera. 

Nina Porciuncula: You know what you did is not right right? Jaywalking?
Derrick Williams: Yes I know it. I definitely know it's not right. But every day life you know it's always a race against time.
In another major roadway, there hasn't been any pedestrian killed along St. Rose Parkway this year. But along Boulder Highway, 10 have died. 
"Boulder Highway has a different clientele of people crossing the street. St. Rose Parkway right now has very few pedestrians," says Breen.
Breen is now pushing for the VisionZero Project. It asks the developers and engineers to take a harder look at crashes to determine how they could have helped prevented it. 
Another project she's hoping to see finished: the million dollar project for improving pedestrians safety that would add more lights and crosswalks along Boulder Highway. 
"There is great potential on boulder highway and I have great faith that potential is going to be met," says Breen.
As for Derrick Williams:
Nina Porciuncula: Do you think you'll be more careful next time?
Derrick Williams: Definitely, definitely.

Another word of advice from safety advocates, whether you are driving, riding a bike or walking to wherever you're headed: always have a plan. Think about how you can get back home safe to your loved ones.