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Record early voting turnout continues in Clark County

Posted at 6:01 PM, Nov 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-03 14:22:41-04

Record turnout continues into the last day of early voting before Election Day.

So far, turnout for the 2018 midterm has actually been closer to presidential levels than to previous midterms.

After Friday, more than 628,000 Nevadans had already cast ballots, including around 424,000 in Clark County, according to the Nevada Secretary of State's office. This also includes absentee and mailing ballots.

Although actual votes in races aren't released until Election Day, early votes give a hint of the political leanings of those turning out so far.

In Clark County:

  • 191,151 registered Democrats voted
  • 143,947 registered Republicans voted
  • 89,106 registered non-partisans and others voted


  • 260,444 registered Democrats voted
  • 238,062 registered Republicans voted
  • 130,265 registered non-partisans and others voted.

At the end of early voting, Democrats have a lead of about 22,000 more voters who have shown up to vote than Republicans.

However, since many GOP voters tend to wait until Election Day, that blue lead could narrow. So, the Senate and governor's races will be close as expected with Independents possibly making the difference.