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UPDATE: 2 men arrested after early morning crash

Posted at 5:28 AM, Dec 30, 2016

UPDATE: Police confirmed shortly before 8 a.m. that 2 men were arrested after the incident. They reportedly told police that they stole the car they were in, but that has not been confirmed.

13 Action News spoke with the man who lives inside the home where the suspects came crashing to a stop.  

He described the scene as something out of a movie. 

"I thought I was at Universal Studios or something, where it was an action movie they were filming," says Ricky Suggs.


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- A reckless driver crashed into several parked cars overnight, witnesses say it could have been 6. 

Police say it happened near Rainbow Boulevard and Vegas Drive. They were in the neighborhood on an unrelated call when they saw someone who appeared to be driving recklessly.

They immediately began chasing the car and that is when the driver crashed into the parked cars and lost control of their vehicle.

The car ended up in someone's front yard and the suspects took off.

A police car was also damaged in the incident but no police officers were hurt.

The incident began around 2 a.m.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.