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Realtor says squatter won't leave Las Vegas house

Posted at 11:54 PM, Jun 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-09 12:42:05-04

The house on the 11000 block of Giles Street, near Las Vegas Boulevard and Erie Avenue, is newly renovated. It could make a nice home. There’s only one problem. The realtor trying to sell the property can't because an alleged squatter now occupies this house.

"He moved in on Memorial Day," said Laura Harbison, an agent for Realty Executives, the company manages the property for a bank. They had no intention of renting the place.

Harbison said a guy named Dominic Lamont Wright now lives there.

"No explanation as to how he got keys. He had not transferred the utilities into his name, things you would normally do if you were going to rent a house," Harbison said.

She told 13 Action News Wright claimed he's renting from the homeowner.

"We know who the owner is. The owner is the bank."

Harbison showed us a lease she said Wright presented.

"It's absolutely a bogus lease. The previous owner that was foreclosed on.” 

Harbison said Wright told her he found out about the home from Craigslist.

“This gentleman is now claiming someone has committed fraud on him. He thought it was a legitimate lease," Harbison said.

We go to the home ourselves but no one answered.

Chris Acuff lives a couple of doors away. He had no idea a possible squatter lives nearby.

"It's pretty frustrating. That's not something that you'd want to hear, especially in your neighborhood," Acuff said.

Harbison said the bank is trying to decide whether to evict the guy or offer him money to move out.