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Reaction From Teachers on Restorative Justice Policy

CCSD Teachers asking for proper use of CCSD Policy
Posted at 3:51 PM, Apr 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-15 18:51:03-04

LAS VEGAS, NV — For over two hours CCSD teachers, students and parents stood in front of CCSD headquarters demanding safety in their schools. Top of mind, and on the list of long-term goals a CCSD policy called Restorative Justice.

Clark County Education Association has come out criticizing the policy saying it 'hand cuffs' educators and faculty from dealing properly withe violent students.
CCEA Executive Director John Valerdita, said the policy is now being amended by Superintendent Jesus Jara to make sure students get suspended or expelled using this policy.

But teachers at the protest do not share the same ideas. Mercedes Krause is an educator with CCSD she says the problem isn't with the policy but with how the practice has been implemented. Calling the policy more a 'buzz-word' than action. Krause says there has never been training or facilitation on the policy and as it stands it doesn't work because it's full potential has never been utilized. She goes onto say if all the current policy does it stop suspensions then 'of course that won't work.'

Vickie Kriedel is one of the organizers for the teachers protest, she says at the heart of restorative justice in schools is an aim to model children on how to handle the complexities of the real world and how to handle conflict resolution.

Kreidel says: "students are deserving of dignity, as well as support." She goes onto say these options should not include punitive conflict or risk of brutality.

Restorative Justice is actually one of the long term goals the group is trying to achieve along with new grading policies and short term goals among them getting working cameras and panic buttons.