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Rats move into apartment after Las Vegas family goes on vacation

Posted at 11:37 PM, Apr 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-11 09:58:18-04

A Las Vegas family is moving out of their apartment after they say it became infested with rats while they were on vacation.

Shawn and Kayleigh Thomas have four kids. They got home from their trip last month and found their place covered in rat feces.

Kayleigh Thomas documented what she saw in a cell phone video showing the bananas and tortillas eaten by the rats.

The family immediately took off to a hotel and called their property manager at Crystal Cove Apartments.

"I was upset because I have four children and my baby crawls on this floor and there was rat droppings... when I say all over the floor, we had a couch here, all behind it, all behind there," said Thomas. "All the baby's toys were here."

A pest control company came out to check on the problem and give them some traps.

The family took some startling video of rats on the sticky traps in their kitchen.

"They're so big they look like mini cats," said Thomas.

The company tells 13 Action News they offered the family some credit towards future rent and asked if they wanted to move to another unit at no cost.

The couple says the problem was too bad and they did not want to stay in the complex because they fear it would happen again in a new unit. 

"We're leaving on our own because we have to," said Thomas. "It's not liveable here."