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Rat season in full swing around the valley

Posted at 6:01 PM, Oct 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-10 21:01:52-04

As the temperatures drop, more and more homes around the valley are seeing infestations of rats.

Trent English with Truly Nolen says he's getting several calls a day from people spotting rats in their homes.

He says at one home near Decatur and Warm Springs, it got so bad that a rat had chewed though a large electrical conduit.  And it's not just homes.  He says he's even noticing rats attacking cars.

"I had a customer a little while ago. He had a very expensive BMW where a rat literally just destroyed the electrical line and the hoses," English says.

He says newer construction causes rat colonies to be unearthed, and another big problem is roof rats.  Trees that grow above your home can make it easy for them to find an entrance.

English has some tips so you can avoid rodents from getting into your home:


- Remove debris around your home.

- Keep compost bins and feeders away from home.

- Trim back trees and thick vegetation.

- Clean up your pet's waste frequently.

- Remove outdoor food sources such as dog food.

Seal Up

- Keep your doors closed around dusk.

- Seal gaps and openings with rodent prevention material.

- Seal vents with rodent screen.