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Support surges online after K9 Nicky dies

Posted at 5:40 PM, Apr 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-22 18:15:52-04
When news of K9 officer Nicky's death broke people throughout the valley were quick to show their support for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.
Now funds are being raised to help replace the animal and procure safety vests for canines.
"My phone started sending me notifications," said state senator Mark Manendo. "It was just horrible."
The politician who is also an animal safety activist told 13 Action News he had to do something. So, he teamed up with the nonprofit Nevada Injury Prevention. Money people send in is tax deductible and be sent to the police department for canine vests.
"They're not making a penny on this," he said. "Between Twitter, Facebook and phone calls people have already said they've sent in their checks, mailing them to the nonprofit."
The address for the 501c3, according to Manendo and his social media feeds is 1706 E. Twain Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89168.
Also raising funds and awareness about K9 police is units is retired Fort Worth Police Chief Jeff Halstead.
"We want to fully fund a replacement service animal because the organization is hurting  and they need to heal," said Halstead. "They they also need that ability to have that extra resource."
Halstead estimates the cost of a fully trained police canine to run between $8,000 and $40,000, depending on the level of training.
Through his nonprofit HOPE4BLUE.ORG, Halstead says he will work hard to replace Nicky.
"What we want to do is really fast track this work, work with experts and just deliver a great addition to this police organization so they can get them back to their mission."
Halstead plans to meet with Las Vegas Metropolitan Sheriff Joseph Lombardo next week.
PLEASE NOTE: The address for the nonprofit was incorrect in the original article. The zip code is 89168 and not 89169.