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Rash of car break-ins in northwest Las Vegas caught on camera

Posted at 5:56 PM, Nov 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-07 07:47:33-05

Folks inside one northwest Las Vegas neighborhood are hoping surveillance camera footage will help police catch a group of burglars. 

Neighbors inside the El Capitan neighborhood say they remember the morning of Oct. 29 like it was yesterday.

"I saw my driver's side door was ajar,” says neighbor Christina Jimenez. “The trunk was open and my car looked like it had been ransacked."

Jimenez says she was lucky to have a surveillance camera, capturing the moments as a group of burglars rummaged through one of her vehicles, and taking what they could. 

The same burglars were seen again on camera just a few blocks away, This time,  they were stopped in their tracks by a porch light. As they run off, their getaway car rolls forward with the doors still open.
Three of Brett Scovil’s vehicles had been gone through, but the worst damage was to his Nissan 350Z. The burglars made off with his newly installed stereo system.

"I wish they could understand just how people feel and how the frustration is and how much damage they are actually doing to people's lives," says Scovil. 

Las Vegas police confirm at least eight vehicles were reported broken into in the neighborhood that night by a group of young suspects. 

Jimenez is hopeful that all the surveillance footage from across the neighborhood will help catch the burglars. 

"You’re going to get caught, and karma will come back and find you."

Police are asking folks to keep their vehicles locked at all times.

No arrests have been made.