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Rape Crisis Center sees increase in demand for help, credits #MeToo movement

Posted at 11:14 AM, Feb 08, 2018

Steve Wynn has become the latest powerful figure to lose his job after facing accusations of sexual misconduct. Now, the Rape Crisis Center says seeing the powerful being held accountable is empowering more women to come forward. 

"When there is a lot of conversation about it, it helps people feel more courageous to reach out and ask for assistance," says the executive director Danielle Dreitzer. 

The RCC has seen a 25% increase in people asking for help, and they say it's all because of the Me Too movement.  

"That obviously has been hugely empowering," says Dreitzer. "It has broken the silence that a lot of people were suffering in for decades in some cases." 

Women's marches and the Me Too movement have put national attention on sexual assault, helping more women come forward.  

The movement has also exposed several high profile figures, with the latest being casino billionaire Steve Wynn.  

The Rape Crisis Center is completely confidential so they couldn't comment on Wynn's case and they couldn't say whether they've had any of Wynn's former employees reach out to them for help. 

They did say, with the movement hitting so close to home, there's one thing everybody can do to help.

"Hearing somebody close to you say 'I believe you, it wasn't your fault', that is so powerful," says Dreitzer. "That's something anyone can do."