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Rancho High schools students protest to keep teacher pay raise amid CCSD budget cuts

Posted at 6:55 PM, May 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-10 22:10:40-04

Students at Rancho High School stood in solidarity with their teachers amid district budget cuts, Thursday.

"We know that they work hard for us, so we want them to get the money they deserve," said Franlisha, a sophomore at Rancho High School.

Earlier this week, CCSD said they would cut hundreds of thousands of dollars from each school in the district to make up for a $68 million deficit. They claimed the deficit stems from a deal with the teachers union that approved pay raises and better benefits for staff next year.

The students at Thursday's protest said they didn't blame their teachers for wanting a raise and don't believe the district should be putting the burden on schools.

"I see first hand has seen my teacher who works very hard and he hasn't received a pay raise in six years," Franlisha said.

History teacher Rueben D'Silva graduated from Rancho High School went to Yale before coming back to the school to teach. He hasn't seen a raise and now fears that if the district continues battling with teachers quality teachers will leave valley schools.

"We lose many teachers who again get those great offers and go to other states simply because they can't make ends meet," D'Silva said.

The teachers and students want CCSD to come up with another solution that would benefit everyone before the next school year when these budget cuts are set to take effect.