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Wynn talks about his new project: Paradise Park

Posted at 9:50 PM, Oct 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-05 00:50:23-04

Steve Wynn hasn’t built anything in Las Vegas for a long time — Encore opened almost eight years ago.

But he has a new project now and he is back to the drawing board — or at least partially drawn for Paradise Park.

It’s the most complicated, fun, challenging thing of my career in Las Vegas, which is now on it’s 49th year,” Wynn told me during a rare 90-minute interview.  “We have this fabulous piece of real estate.”

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Wynn says the centerpiece will be a water feature. But how many hotels?

“Well, there’s...one tower would be part of the first phase and there’s room for a second tower,” he said. “One on the south just after the ballroom, the Lafite ballroom, and one right after the Country Club restaurant and they’d be separated by 1,100 feet of water and would be x amount of feet to the west side.

"My villas in the country club were on the... west side and the as you go towards Paradise, that’s the east side. But from north to south, that’s about 1,100 feet and there could be two towers. There could also be more...one on the southeast corner of it there’s yet another site.”

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When will it be done? It’s not that Wynn won’t tell me. He doesn’t know.

“I don’t make schedules for myself because I know that it is fruitless to do so,” he said. “But let me put it this way: with each passing week, we deal with and resolve and come to more comfort on some of the points that we’ve made, some of the things that we’ve done that have withstood examination, cross-examination, recross examination. In the process, a certain percentage of your original ideas fall away. They don’t stand ... multiple examinations.

"But a certain part stays and like a jigsaw puzzle that fills in from the edges, the end of the design-development process is when all the big payoff comes because the project begins to talk to you after a while. And that’s an exciting thing. What you’ve gotta develop is a sense of understanding of the process so that you don’t get impatient and anxious about it while you’re in it.”

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