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Steve Wynn on Trump, Reid and Heck

Posted at 8:22 PM, Sep 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-01 12:30:48-04

Steve Wynn says Donald Trump is "stable enough" to be president, that he is "an intelligent guy" who sometimes "gets aggressive" at his rallies.

"I think he’s a performer at the rallies and I think he hasn’t quite got his act down," Wynn said of Trump during a rare 90-minute interview. "But in a personal conversation about any substantive issue, Donald Trump is focused and intelligent. This business of being a politician and getting into the razzmatazz of public debates and public speeches."

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Wynn also talked about Senate contender Joe Heck, whom he called "an extraordinary, extraordinarily fine guy" and indicated he has raised money for him across the country and will go all out to help the GOP retain the Senate.

"I gave money (to Heck) personally," Wynn said. "I had a fundraiser for him in New York. I had a fundraiser for him in California. I sponsored one...you know, I did it in my home...they paid for it. I’ve tried my best to convince other people on what an outstanding candidate he is and how good he would be for Nevada."

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How does Wynn, a registered Democrat, reconcile that with his longtime friendship with Reid, whose seat he now wants to be in GOP hands?

"I wasn’t very happy with Harry’s critical role in the Affordable Care Act," Wynn said. "It is not going to do the good that they say it would do. And when the last chapter is written on the Affordable Care Act, if it survives for a last chapter, the American public, not the spinners, will find out what a lousy job that was. It is really a crummy idea."

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