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Rally calls for action against Bundy family

Posted at 7:42 AM, Jan 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-20 08:35:42-05

As protests continue in Oregon, elected officials and public land activists held a rally on Tuesday calling for action against the Bundy family.

The group unveiled a petition for the Justice Department to arrest Cliven Bundy, his sons and their followers.
The group says it is time for the government to take action against the protesters in Oregon.
"It is time to stand up to these bullies because that's what they are and call on the DOJ to come in and enforce the law once and for all," said Annette Magnus with the Battle Born Progress. 
State leaders also stepped up to join the petition against the Bundy's. 
"It's time for all the Bundy's and their followers to go to jail before their lawlessness creates more lawlessness and this spirals out of control," said District 15 Assemblyman Elliot Anderson. 
KTNV reached out to Cliven Bundy and were the first to tell him about the petition. 
"We always say -- well I'm not sure who the criminal is in the Bundy standoff and in the Oregon thing, it's the same thing. Who is the criminal there?" Bundy said. 
When asked if he feared being arrested, Bundy said, "No."
Protesters also planned to send a care package to Fish and Game officers in Oregon to show support for their efforts. 
There were also protests planned in New Mexico, Washington and Oregon.