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Raising The Bar: Education in Southern Nevada

Posted at 7:17 AM, Oct 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-16 10:59:19-04

When it comes to the word education, what comes to mind? Maybe days as a child on the playground.

However, as adults and community members, we know it's much more. 

13 Action News is “ Raising The Bar ” and leading a discussion on improving education in Southern Nevada.

Residents in the community without kids should also care about the issue of education, according to the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance .

The health care system in Southern Nevada currently is receiving a failing grade due to access to care and a critical shortage of doctors.

Properly educating students within Clark County is key to improving those issues so they can one day work in the health care system.

This is improving, according to UNLV, with the addition of a medical school program in 2014. As the university welcomed its second class of medical students with doctors educating future doctors who will hopefully stay in Southern Nevada.

"We need to start putting out enough doctors who want to stay here to really make a difference and then bringing in the best doctors we can from across the country to teach those students and give them the very best medical care," said Barbara Atkinson, dean of UNLV School of Medicine .   

When it comes to crime, the last census of inmates in Nevada showed 50 percent of them never finished high school.

The number one indicator of the success or failure of a student is the success or failure of a parent, according to analysts, and with more than 300,000 in the CCSD, it’s how a student performs along with the opportunities available when they finish school.

“What they do when they come out of the CCSD is going to affect all of us, they're going to be our doctors, our engineers, and our architects but there are also kids that potentially will end up in the criminal justice system,” said Jeremy Aguero, of Applied Analysis . “Those children represent the opportunity we are going to have.”

13 Action News is committed to education. We have put together a community advisory board to help inform, inspire and find solutions together as we “Raise The Bar” in Southern Nevada.

If you have an idea for a future Raising The Bar story, email us at raisingthebar@ktnv.com

What is Raising The Bar?

Together with parents, educators, business and community leaders, 13 Action News will lead the discussion on improving education in Southern Nevada. We will connect families with solutions that empower our community to build a foundation for a successful future. If you have a story idea, email us at raisingthebar@ktnv.com.