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Clark County School District struggles affect businesses around Las Vegas

Posted at 1:53 PM, Aug 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-09 18:22:09-04

Clark County School District's history of struggles has a big impact outside the classroom.

13 Action News looks at why raising the bar in education will help limit the jobs that are passing us by.

Geotab is a place a lot of people would want to work.

"Ping pong is very popular at Geotab," said Joey Marlow, Geotab executive vice president of U.S. operations.

From ping pong tables to free taco day, fleet management company Geotab is passionate about creating a happy work environment. Through its GPS devices, it helps clients around the world track more than 1.2 million of their vehicles such as tractor trailers and delivery trucks.

"There's 2.4 million hours driven today," Marlow said. 

Along with the tacos and ping pong table, you'll also notice something else at Geotab -- empty desks. Right now, there are some 39 job openings the company is trying to fill. 

"We understand finding the employees just in Las Vegas could be a challenge, but we recruit globally," Marlow said. 

That is an issue.

Jeremy Aguero is an analyst with Applied Analysis. He studies CCSD and business needs. 

"If the challenge they run into is they can't find enough workers to help them meet those demands that they have, they will limit our ability to grow as a state," Aguero said.

Aguero contends CCSD is a remarkably important pipeline for local businesses looking to expand and other companies looking to relocate here.

"When we talk to companies that consider relocating to Nevada inevitably it is about the depth of the workforce, the quality of the workforce the education system and then water," he said.

That means companies that look at CCSD's low rankings may pass us by for other cities.

In the meantime, local companies like Geotab are left to look sometimes outside the valley to hire even if that takes more time.

"If we want to hire 100 people today, that would be great but that really doesn't fulfill our needs," Marlow said.

Aguero adds CCSD has made significant strides in recent years. He points to some of the career and technical academies. He says they are excelling in ways we only could've wished for generations ago. He believes that will help provide the workforce companies are looking for.

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