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Rainy weather keeps contractors busy

Posted at 11:32 PM, Apr 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-30 02:32:02-04
Brace yourselves for another round of wet weather. More rain is on the way this weekend. And roofers are working overtime trying to catch up on all the damage after storms sweep through the valley.
Contractors are climbing the walls and hopping to work to fix the damage that’s causing ceilings and roofs to collapse.
"It's been pretty chaotic," says Gary Hunter,  a sales manager with Professional Roofing Services.
Hunter tells 13 Action News when it rains roofs can pour. That’s great business for contractors, but a potential budget buster for property owners.
“You'll see stains in your living room, collapsing the dry wall,” Hunter says.
Hunter's crews are working overtime trying to keep up with the overwhelming demand.
“We've had, probably, over 700 calls in the last three days," Hunter says.
A lot of the damage happens when people don't maintain their roofs. Debris like leaves and branches can clog drains.
“It builds up like a lake and the weigh load will collapse the structure," Hunter says.
Rain, wind and intense heat from the sun can cause seals to crack and water to come pouring in.
“People thinking it doesn't rain in Vegas and then when it does, everybody hits the panic button," Hunter says.