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Queensridge residents concerned turtles are dying

Posted at 6:47 PM, Oct 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-25 13:53:03-04

Some people living in Queensridge say they're concerned for the wildlife living on the former Badlands Golf Course.

Residents say the turtles and fish seem to be dying.

The water on the former golf course was shut off months ago after the person that owns the land deemed it too expensive to keep running when the golf course is no longer in use.

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"I think I'm disgusted," said Daniel Capri. "It used to be a beautiful place to be. Me and my dog used to love it here."

The water levels have gone down in the ponds and the water appears darker and slimier. The surrounding land has turned brown.

"Everything is beginning to be killed off," said Alexandra Dwek.

EHB Companies hopes to build 61 homes on the land someday. They are in the process of getting the proper permits. In the mean time, EHB says they are keeping tabs on the water.

“Property maintenance personnel visit the properties seven days a week and follow industry standard best practices in monitoring the water quality of the ponds and the health of the aquatic wildlife that inhabit them," said an EHB representative in a statement to 13 Action News.

EHB's developer also told 13 Action News the turtles and fish are slowly being removed from the ponds and placed into a rescue pond.

Residents tell 13 Action News, they hope all the wildlife will eventually be removed and better cared for.

"This was a thriving ecosystem where we were all living in harmony," said Dwek. "All of us together, and now just take a look around and it speaks for itself what's going on."