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Public pot-smoking permits could lead to unusual business ventures in Las Vegas

Posted at 5:32 PM, Sep 19, 2017

Marijuana entrepreneurs flocked to the Clark County Commission meeting Tuesday, hoping the board would start permitting pot consumption in licensed public venues.

Emmanuel Sandoval-Valdez was there to express his dream of opening a restaurant that serves strictly marijuana-infused food.

"We're not trying to overdose people on cannabis or anything," he said. "It's a controlled setting with people that will be trained."

In his kitchen, he whips up scrambled eggs, coffee and yogurt parfaits in his kitchen, all using cannabis oil as an ingredient.

Sandoval-Valdez won't realize his vision though if Clark County doesn't move forward with public consumption permits.

The potential of that reality took a hit Tuesday when nearly every commissioner agreed there are just too many questions right now, without taking the debate completely off the table.

"It's sad," said Emily Wilson, another entrepreneur. "It's sad for me, it's sad for people who want to help others in another way."

Wilson wants a permit so she can open a cannabis yoga studio.

She sees a natural marriage between yoga and marijuana.

"They're both very healing," Wilson said. "They're both meditative and healing and spiritual. Yeah, it works."

Putting her own business aside, Wilson feels the county needs public smoking permits so tourists have somewhere to consume marijuana legally.