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Protesters stage demonstration outside Las Vegas police headquarters

Posted at 11:50 PM, Jul 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-22 02:50:23-04
Protesters rallied against police brutality in front of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police headquarters, part of a series of nationwide rallies.
After a brief, friendly meeting with a community outreach officer, about two dozens of demonstrators marched as the people around the country are on edge after three recent high-profile cases of police shooting African-American men.
In the latest case, police shot and wounded Charles Kinsey, a therapist who had his hands up, as he tried to help an autistic patient he cares for in North Miami.
Weeks earlier, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, police shoot and kill Alton Sterling. And just outside St. Paul, MN., cops gun down Philando Castile.
Protestors 13 Action News spoke with want police caught abusing people of color to be prosecuted.
“When is it going to stop? When are people really going to recognize what’s going on? We need to stop all this violence.” asked Gwendolyn Stevens, a protestor.
“We got to do something. We need to stand up and says that it needs to stop,” said Melissa Finell, another protestor.
The shootings sparked national outrage, and in some cases, retaliation. Gunmen shot and killed five officers in Dallas, TX., and three in Baton Rouge. In both cases, the shooters said they were exacting revenge on police.