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WasteExpo features products for homes and businesses

Posted at 6:05 AM, Apr 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-25 17:35:00-04

Trash may not be glamorous, but there are some innovative solutions for big and small problems at the WasteExpo happening this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Cannabolish is brand new and claims to get rid of pot smells. Even if you don't smoke, maybe your next-door neighbors do. It's plant-based and you can buy the gel or the spray for as little as five dollars a bottle.

Something else meant for the home is Citibin.

It's a chic trash can enclosure. The earth tones blend in with most houses. The recycled bamboo material hides bad smells and keeps out pests. You can also lock the bins to keep other people from dumping in your trash cans. You can even make garbage pretty with a built-in planter option.

"There's just nothing more unattractive than having your filthy garbage out in front of your home," said Liz Picarazzi, the founder of Citibin.

These are definitely a hefty investment in curb appeal, though, starting at $995.

Finally, Fire Rover could be seen as a priceless investment in safety.

In the Las Vegas valley, there have been several fires that started at recycling plants. Fire Rover watches facilities with a thermal camera and stops flames before they get out of control. There is always someone watching the thermal cameras. A human operator controls a foam-spraying nozzle and determines if a fire needs to be hosed.

"If you get one battery that comes into that facility and it is rubbed the wrong way that whole entire facility can go up in flames and it could take up to three or four days to put that fire out," said Lindsey Scharg, a spokesperson for Fire Rover.

The creators say not a single fire has started in any of the facilities using Fire Rover, not only saving money but potentially saving lives as well.