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Preparing for package theft on the heels of Amazon Prime Day

Posted at 10:03 PM, Jul 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-19 10:25:38-04

On the heels of a record-breaking Amazon Prime Day, packages are starting to be shipped all over the country. That means porch pirates could be waiting to snatch your package.

Former Las Vegas police detective Phil Ramos compares this to the holidays but worse. Ramos says all the packages are being delivered within a couple days instead of a few weeks which makes it more convenient for package thieves.

"As online shopping grows in popularity and high-end items are being delivered, there's going to be more temptation for these porch pirates to come along and snatch something and see if they can use it," he said.

Ramos wants everyone to get security cameras.

"If you don't have a security camera, they are so inexpensive these days. They are really easy to obtain, really easy to set up and they are easy to monitor," said Ramos. "If you've got just a few extra dollars, you can have that comfort of knowing you can watch what's going on at the front door of your house no matter where you're at."

According to reviews.org, the top five best and cheapest security cameras are the Flir FX, the Vimtag P1, the Amcrest Pro HD, the D-Link Camera, and the MiSafes Video Monitor.

They are all under $150.

Ramos also warns you about ordering expensive items online.

Some other tips are: have packages delivered to your place of employment, leave a discrete note for your delivery person on where to leave the package, and require a signature.