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Popular Las Vegas mines set to be filled

Posted at 11:12 PM, Feb 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-23 13:39:04-05

The abandoned mines near Fort Apache and Blue Diamond Roads are a popular destination for hikers in the Las Vegas area, but state officials say they have become a hazard.

A visit to the mines Thursday afternoon revealed hundreds of broken beer bottles, rusty nails and a makeshift two-story home inside the entrance to one cave.

All of that was visible without passing the fence posts featuring signs warning of the danger.

"It was pretty surprising," Michaela Vegas said. "I can't bring my kids here with what I see in there right now."

The fencing was noticeably cut.

Officials saying they have replaced the fences around 70 times in the past four years, only to them destroyed shortly after.

Nevada and Clark County leaders recently approved a plan to fill approximately 40 abandoned mines in the area, because the inner workings are unsecured creating a dangerous situation for the growing number of people who explore them.

The two entities will spend as much as $250,000 to fill in the estimated 40 old mines.

Not everyone thought filling the mines was the best plan.

"If they are going to spend all that money to fill it in, why can't they spent it to secure the structure," a woman said after finishing her hike.

Another man enjoying a trip up the mountain with his son said he was okay with the plan as long as he could still use the county-owned property for hiking and off-roading.

The plan approved by officials does not set out any restrictions outside the mines.

Crews are planning to begin filling the first mines in early April and wrap up work in May.