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Politician and pop star speak out against abuse

Posted at 6:53 PM, Apr 07, 2016
It was a packed house at the Cox Pavilion on UNLV's campus as Vice President Joe Biden addressed the masses Thursday.
He spoke out, raising awareness about sexual assault on college campuses, saying the culture we live in needs to change.
The VP was joined by mega pop star  Lady Gaga. The two teamed up promote the “It’s On Us” campaign, which  sheds light on aimed to raise awareness about sex abuse in campus communities across the country.
Before singing her famous power ballad, 'Til it happens to you,' Gaga turned to the crowd and delivered a short message.
"Just take one moment today to have compassion for something you might not understand," she said. "The best healing for a survivor is compassion."
Holly Ramella, a lead CARE Advocate with UNLV, who is a survivor herself echoed those same words.
"There are so many people out there can help you and can support you through this," she said. 
13 Action News asked Ramella if people should feel comfortable and safe speaking out.
"If you have the platform and you are comfortable, I definitely say speak up. If speaking up just means talking to an advocate or reaching out, I definitely recommend that," said Ramella.
UNLV's Women's Center is staff with trained professional. Ramella tells 13 Action News there is a 24-hour hotline people can call. That number is (702) 895-0604.
Biden’s visit to Las Vegas caps off a multi-city tour to promote the campaign. He left the crowd saying, “Little things can change the course of a coed’s life.”