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Ted Cruz brings humor to Pahrump rally

Posted at 1:41 PM, Feb 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-22 11:22:02-05

Two days before the Nevada caucus for the Republican presidential nomination, Ted Cruz is visiting Southern Nevada.

A rally was held Sunday in Pahrump at Draft Picks Sports Bar. It came the day after his close second place finish in South Carolina.

"We are consistently earning the votes of young people who are looking for a better future and recognize that the Obama stagnation isn't working for them and also young people want our rights protected," Cruz said.

After a man was led out of the crowd during a disturbance, Cruz said, "I didn't know they allowed Bernie Sanders supporters in Nevada."

Cruz used some humor throughout the rest of rally, breaking down the word "politics."

"Poli meaning many and ticks meaning blood-sucking parasites," he said.

Attendees told 13 Action News that Cruz had come across as condescending in the debates but listening to him Sunday, he seemed more down to earth.

"It is becoming clearer and clearer that we are the one campaign that can beat Donald Trump. Indeed, we are the only campaign that has beaten Donald Trump," Cruz said, referring to the Iowa caucus where he emerged the winner.

Cruz was also expected at a Henderson rally Sunday.

His Monday schedule includes a rally in the Summerlin community in Las Vegas, an afternoon rally in Elko and an evening rally in Reno.
He's planning rallies Tuesday in Fernley, Minden and Carson City before heading back down to Las Vegas for an evening rally.

The caucus is the following Tuesday.

Cruz came in third in the New Hampshire primary.